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T.A.S. Program

Launched to public

  • Successfully tested T.A.S. program and achieved 100% account security.

  • T.A.S. program was first introduced to the general public in Canada.

  • Extended our service model from Canada to USA, UK, South Korea, Thailand & Hong Kong.

  • Helping over 50 business & professional clients globally with 100% satisfaction.

  • Helping clients in English, Chinese, Korean, & Thai.

  • Moved head office from Toronto to Vancouver, Canada


T.A.S. Program

Beta testing

  • T.A.S. program was updated & tested to further improve the account security.

  • Implemented A.I. technology to perfect user Interaction system & to improve account security.

  • Implemented Machine learning technology to increase the Targeting Accuracy.

  • Implemented & Fully tested Influencer, Location, Hashtag, & Like analyzation system.

  • Implemented & Fully tested Following Optimization & Follower Retaining system.

  • Improved & Updated Prospective Follower analyzation Database system.

  • Developed & implemented an Active user filtering system.


T.A.S. Program


  • Developed an Influencer analyzation system.

  • Developed a Location analyzation system.

  • Developed a Like analyzation system.

  • Developed a Hashtag analyzation system.

  • Developed an User filter & Evaluation system.

  • Developed an Automated user Interaction system.

  • Developed a Scheduled Posting system.

  • Developed a Following Optimization system.

  • Developed a Follower Retaining system.

  • Developed a full concept of T.A.S. program model.

  • Started developing Machine learning & A.I. system.

  • Studied & researched about human psychology of interaction in cyber space.

  • Beta test was started with new & existing accounts with different variations.


T.A.S. Program

Idea established

  • Established an idea of instamaster T.A.S. program.

  • Researched & Studied Instagram interaction algorithm.

  • Developed a Manual batch user Interaction system.

  • Developed a Follower analyzation system.

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