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7. Bio Link Best Practices

As you’re probably aware by now you only get to have one clickable link on your whole Instagram profile. You can add links to your posts but they will be in plain text and anyone wanting to check them out will have to manually write them in their browser. This means that the engagement on those will be really really low. So your profile link is of the utmost importance as that will drive most of the traffic to where you need it to go.

Business profiles can have a few more links like we discussed in the previous topic, like : contact, email, phone but you can’t really customize those any further. Also business profiles with over 10.000 followers can use swipe up links, these are great but most people won’t have access to those very soon.

So, how can you maximize the use of your bio link so you don’t waste precious traffic?

Make it interesting and to the point! Most people will just link to their main page if they have a site and trust the visitors to find their way to what they’re looking for. This is a huge waste of traffic as they will most probably give up when they don’t see anything attention grabbing on your main page. People are looking for something but they are lazy most of the times. You need to give them exactly what they are looking for as soon as possible and not make them jump through hoops to get to it.

In case you don’t already have better pages on your site to send them to, consider creating one of the following:

  • contest or giveaway page – people love to win, it doesn’t mater what or if they need it or not.

  • targeted blog post – you can create one of these from time to time and switch your bio link to keep it fresh and interesting

  • freebie – now here’s another thing that can create a craze and boost your account’s engagement. Make sure you can deliver though or it can get ugly very fast!

  • targeted video – this is something not many people do even though videos convert very good and can grab the visitor’s attention a lot faster than any landing page

  • targeted landing page – this will work for all purposes you might have in mind for your visitors

  • newsletter/e-mail signup form – this one is a long term deal. Create a good e-mail list and you can sell and re-sell to them for a very long time.

A few extra tips to make your link look good:

  • keep the url as small as possible, many people put inner-page urls that look quite ugly on their profile bio. You can use minifiers or shorteners or just cloacked urls for this purpose

  • switch out the url often. Your account will have part loyal followers and part random visitors. While random visitors will keep clicking on your bio link as it’s new to them, your loyal followers won’t click twice if it’s the same link every time.

  • there are a few services that let you add more links in your bio – in a way. It’s up to you if you’d like to use them, I just want to make sure you know about them

Tools to add more links to your bio

In order to add more links to your bio there are two options, either you create a landing page on a site you control and add the links there. Visitors will see them and pick the one they are interested in. Or use a 3rd party app that does that for you. Be advised that most of these 3rd party apps will require you to login with your Instagram account through them.

Here’s a list of the main tools that will allow you to add more links to your bio:

  • Linktree – they have a free option where they keep their branding and a paid one with a few extra features

  • LnkBio – they have a free plan which gives you a random link to use, and several paid ones with custom url creation and more goodies

  • Link in profile – they have a 30 days free trial, also pick up content from your Instagram feed and make it easy to add the link to it

  • Leadpages – you can create a landing page easily here by using their templates, you will have to do the work yourself though

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