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3. Choosing The Right Username

Choosing the perfect username for your Instagram account is one of the first and perhaps the most important things you’ll do and you’ll see shortly why that is.

For starters, you need to decide what kind of account you’re going to create and maintain so you can decide on a username that will best fit the profile.

What do I mean by what kind of account? Aren’t they all the same?

Well, yes and no. Yes, given that all accounts are created the same way, like you saw in the previous lesson, and no in the sense that, what you post on it can make a huge difference.

You need to decide what you’re going to post on your account and stick with that up until the end.

There are 4 kinds of accounts :

  • Branded accounts – that belong to a brand and only post about that brand. It can be one that is widely known like Coca-Cola or Tesla or a small one like your grandpa’s unique hat store.

  • Personal branded account – this account is still a brand but it’s centered around a person, like a movie star, a top musician and so on.

  • Fanpages – this is an account that posts only images about a certain topic of interest or niche.

  • Personal account – this is your private account where you can post anything you like, no coherence required.

Obviously you should not do the personal account one, so pick one of the others and stick with it!

DOs when picking the perfect username

  • it should be as unique as possible – differentiate yourself from the rest

  • pick something easy to remember – the more “in your face” it is, the better

  • it should also be easy to spell – even your grandma should be able to spell it on her first try

  • make it as short as possible – the longer it is the harder it will be to remember

DON’Ts when picking the perfect username

  • don’t use underscores – it’s harder to find the symbol on the keyboard and if you use multiple ones it will make it difficult to count

  • don’t copy someone else’s username and change a letter or use a number instead of the letter – it will create confusion and will generally hurt in the long run

  • don’t use generic handles or random numbers at the end or front of the username

  • don’t use consecutive repeating numbers, letters or symbols

  • don’t choose offensive words

  • don’t use trends words – trends change fast!

  • With all these in mind go at it – try to find the best username that will be the seamless fit for your new account. I know it can be quite a challenge as many good usernames are already taken, but with a tad of imagination and patience, you will eventually hit it.

Moreover, as a general rule of thumb, you should have the same username across all your social media platforms, therefore before you decide on the username, make sure to cross-check its availability, this will make your brand consistent and bank on credibility.

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