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6. Extra Bio Options For Business Accounts

In case you have an Instagram business account you should know there are a few extra options available which are a nice addition and definitely a good idea to use. If you don’t have a business account just skip this lesson.

Won’t discuss here whether you should switch to a business account or keep it personal, what you should know though is that you can switch in between them if you want, it’s not an irreversible switch so you can give it a try if you’re interested to see what benefits it brings. Basically you’ll get access to analytics for your account, Instagram ads and some other options for your bio. We’ll discuss those extra options here.

The category option

When you switch to a business account a category field will appear underneath your company’s name. This is the same as the category that appears on the Facebook page linked to this profile. If you want to change it you’ll need to change this from within Facebook. It has been reported though that some business accounts that are not linked to a Facebook page can change it from Settings.

It’s not an overly important option, however it can save you some bio space that you can put to better use.


If you add your email in the provided field a button will be created on your profile. Visitors can click that and easily send you an email. This is a definite improvement over adding your email in the bio and visitors having to copy-paste it in order to contact you. Also it will save some extra bio space, so it’s definitely a good idea to use it.


If you add your phone number another useful button will be created that when pressed by your visitors will prompt them to call you. I’d be careful with this feature though unless you have a medium to big sized company with someone on call 24/7 it might give you a lot of extra work. This button will appear along the email one underneath all the information in your profile.


If you have a brick and mortar business this is definitely the option for you. All you have to do is add your address and a directions button will show up on your profile. When clicked a map will guide your visitors to your physical location. If used correctly and with enough marketing done for your account this alone can make your business boom.

Here’s how all of the above look like on a business account :

Notice the category just underneath the name, the physical address which is clickable underneath the url and the 3 buttons at the bottom of the profile that each does what we’ve discussed above. In this case they saved up a lot of bio space adding all this info using the business account, even though they didn’t actually use it. Some people prefer to keep it short and to the point.

Swipe up links

This is one of the sweetest option to use if you have a business account, however it’s not available for everyone, your account must be over 10.000 followers. If you qualify though, you’ll be able to include swipe up links in your stories. This is an extremely powerful feature since 99% of the Instagram accounts have only one clickable link in their entire profile.

Here’s how one of these look like :

Notice the “see more” and an up sign at the bottom of this story, if the user swipes up they will be taken off Instagram and to the user’s site. Now tell me this isn’t a sweet option.

Two things of note for this feature:

  1. it’s only visible on the Instagram phone version

  2. many visitors might not know of swipe up stories so just tell them in the caption to swipe up for the miracle to happen.

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