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2. Setting Up An Account

Feel free to skip this lesson if you already have an account, otherwise, read on to see how to create your first Instagram account.

Since Instagram was designed to be a mobile only app, it’s ideal to create your account using a phone. Recently, they started to allow people to create accounts online in a web browser in order to open up the platform to more people, however, you will have fewer options to tweak your account exactly the way you need to.

So go get your phone and let’s get started.

Be advised that you will need a phone with one of the below:

  • IOS phone

  • Android

  • Windows 8 or later

Now, open the app store that’s on your phone and search for “Instagram” . It is a free app, so once it shows up hit Install.

Once the installation is ready, open it up and you will have to either log in or create an account. When creating an account you are presented with two options:

  • create an account using your email

  • create an account using your Facebook account

Even though later on we’ll connect the Instagram account to the Facebook one( you should have or create one of those as well), it is better to create your Instagram account using your email.

You should use your main email account so you get all notifications relating to Instagram there, so click on “Sign up with email or phone number” and choose “Email”, enter your email in the provided field then click next.

Now you will need to enter your name that will also act as your username for the time being and your password.

The Instagram full name and username can be changed at any time so don’t stress out on choosing the best username at this point, just add your name and that will do for now.

Also make sure you pick a hard to crack password as there are many people looking to steal Instagram accounts. It should also be easy to remember for you, if it’s not, write it down somewhere where only you have access.

Click “next” again and you’re ready to use your new Instagram account. Congratulations!

Let’s see now how to tweak this account to make it look perfect.

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