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Over 100+ Happy clients are using our services and have an amazing instamaster effect on their Instagram.

We are here to help you succeed your Instagram goal. Tell us what you have in mind. We will deliver it for you.

Please see our happy clients' recent feedback below to get a glimpse of the success that you and your business will have.


"This company Rocks!"

"This company rocks! I got what was promised...relevant interactive followers. Their service is outstanding! It works if you want to grow your account and attract the right followers. Highly recommended."

Angela W. Jackson                                                                                                                   

September 3, 2018


"Amazing company doing amazing things. Highly recommend instamaster. Their customer support is next level, simply a pleasure to do business with. 5 star business."

Michael Schmidt                                                                                                                  

August 30, 2018


"Service is great and works straight away - it’s really helped increase my fans and engagement. Our Instagram fan has almost doubled AND it is with the right audience! I highly recommend this service."

Andes Carlson                                                                                                                 

August 29, 2018


"I'm very happy with the service I have. My Instagram account has been growing every day, and I see improvements in my business. The staff are very attentive and helpful. I truly recommend Instamaster."

Vivian J. Rossa                                                                                                                 

August 29, 2018


"It's been very good so far, I'm reaching the goals for the instagram account, and I definitely want to keep using them for a while. The customer service is excellent and I would highly recommend it."

Clara Lim                                                                                                                  

August 27, 2018


"They Customized they service to me and continued great communication throughout the month to ensure that I was happy. I have gained so many fans, and they are all my niche. I am continuing this service for sure.."

Danielle M. Melanson                                                                                                                

August 26, 2018


"Great service! Fast, reliable, and delivers your request. I would recommend instamaster to anyone who would like to gain their real instagram fans."

Ishan Riel                                                                                                                  

August 25, 2018


"Instamaster is definitely helping us grow my Instagram in a short time! I highly suggest them! Check out our instagram @treeglobal! Thank you very much."


August 24, 2018


"Fantastic service and great company. There are a number of companies in this field but none come close to these guys. The advisors are always in touch to make sure the service is running the way you want and the value for money is great."

Shanne K. Bower                                                                                                                  

August 21, 2018


"Instamaster are not like other companies! They work with you and your brand to promote your business to relevant fans and customers. They are real deal. Try them out with confidence"

Rudy Welson                                                                                                                 

August 18, 2018


"Han was incredible and helped me become a instamaster user. He reached out to me after my trial to make sure everything was going to smoothly. I signed up because I saw very high increase in my fans in only 2 weeks! I am over 5000 followers already!"

Jordan Chan                                                                                                            

August 16, 2018


"I first used Instamaster with the promotional deal and notice instantly how it boosted fans and has been a positive growth for my account. After now signing up for the full subscription I see my fans growing gradually with right target!"

Adam Hill                                                                                                              

August 15, 2018


"Did the trial and got good results. I understand the concept and can probably do it myself, if I had a lot of time to spend, but I don't so started using this service and gaining about 1000 followers per month. Thank you instamaster."

Claire Taylor

August 11, 2018


"It has been an awesome experience for me. They have helped me grow my brand faster than I could have done it on my own. They have been very professional and responded to any request and questions I may have had in a very timely fashion."

Prince M. Baker

August 11, 2018


"I have been very impressed with instamaster that helped me getting 384 followers. I was so convinced that I signed up for 6 months. I had some small issues and questions and Han took time to help me step by step and answered all my crazy questions"

Oliver Torres

August 10, 2018


"I loved how there is always fast communication. If I had questions someone would assist me and respond really quick. The first month of the service, I was very impressed. Now I've used them for 3 months and I am a rock star!

Brianna Wrights                                                                                                           

August 8, 2018


"They are very responsive and professional. I received several hundred REAL followers in a matter of days through my free 14 day trial. Looking forward to my continued growth with their monthly program."

Sammy Chang                                                                                                               

August 7, 2018


"Overall I’ve been very satisfied with this service. We have had to tweak it a couple of times but they are always willing to work with you. I’m going on my second month and I looking forward to seeing my insta profile continue to grow."

Eric Patterson

August 6, 2018


"I was causally introduce to Instamaster by a photographer friend, I am running restaurant, but never used IG for marketing. After using their service for the last 4 months, our sales went up by 20% compared to last year. I recommend this service!"

Son Hughes

August 6, 2018


"I enjoyed the help through the emails and calls and it felt like I was getting the most out of the program. I was able to grow quickly and effectively.The team is great at communicating as well, which is important."

Jordan C.                                                                                                                

August 3, 2018


"I was very skeptical about using this service for my account, after the 2 weeks of service, I've gained about 300 followers so I signed up for long term contract and been using it since. Now I am gaining about 20 followers per day!!! thank you Instamaster."

Thomas Carter

August 2, 2018


"Been working with Instamaster for 5 months now and very satisfied with how they are able to help me with my target audience as well as listen to my concerns and respond to questions appropriately. They are excellent. I recommend!"

Lydia Perry

July 27, 2018


"Best service ever to grow your instagram. Prices are very good too. I’ve used their promotion first which gave fantastic results already and then I started with the starter pack. Their service is really good and very personal."

Jimmy Cooper                                                                                                                  

July 21, 2018


"You guys have helped us here in Africa to build our brands with real and active followers, ever since I found out this service I’ve been fulfilled with great thoughts of how to Excel, rather than thinking of how to grow my page. Love from 🇳🇬❤️"

Emekka Banks (Emmy Banks)                                                                                                                 

July 16, 2018


"Awesome company that works with you to build your profile organically. They keep your account protected and have done an awesome job for me. Couldn't recommend them more!"

Timmy Digann                                                                                                                  

July 11, 2018


"One of the best companies we have worked with on this project to date! They are extremely responsive and available to assist on our needs whenever we need them! The best part about this company is that they get us results!"

Carinna Tanaka

July 3, 2018


"Really good grow program. I'm using their grow campaign for aprox. 1 month and my reach is phenomenal. Real followers, real comments from real people. Thank you man"

Kyle Atkins                                                                                                              

June 26, 2018

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