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Since our inception, instamaster has been totally
focused on building a strategic, quality Instagram Marketing & Growth technology.


We are growing every day.

We are passionate about helping our customers achieve success in the most cost-effective way. We have proudly delivered extraordinary results to our valued clients who had once struggled to reach and grow their target audience.


Partner with us and we will be your brand’s best advocate.


Contact us to discover the possibilities of how your Instagram and brand can grow to its true potential.


Han Lee

President, CEO

instamaster (11).jpg

Siriyakorn Kang

Content Creator

instamaster (15).jpg

Motilal Dhibar

IT Manager, Canada

instamaster (3).jpg

Leila Rastkar

Marketing Manager, Western Canada


Alex Kim

Marketing Manager, South Korea


Minhee Yun

Marketing Manager, South Korea Region

Alicia Campos-ContentDesignManager.jpg

Alicia Campos

Content Design Manager, Canada

instamaster (8).jpg

Tullio Rassi

Sales Partner, Western Canada Region

instamaster team (1).jpg

Angela Greer

Sales Partner, Western Canada Region

instamaster team (5).jpg

Lorenzo Cambeiro

Partner, Director of IT

Emilia Espina.jpg

Emilia Espina

Creative Director, Canada

Yakov Pomerantz.jpg

Yakov Pomerantz

IT Manager, Canada


Maegan Cortens

Marketing Specialist, Western Canada 



Bank Pongkittilah

Marketing Manager, Southern Thailand

instamaster (12).jpg

Valerio Leggio

Marketing Manager, Eastern Canada

YuJungKimCreative Director - SouthKorea.

YuJung Kim

Creative Director, South Korea Region

instamaster team (6).jpg

Natalie Ferrant

Sales Partner, Western Canada Region

instamaster team (2).jpg

Jacob Hill

Sales Partner, Western Canada Region

instamaster (5).jpg

Jeff Chan

Marketing Manager, Western Canada Region

Tatiana Amengual-ClientCareManager.jpg

Tatiana Amengual

Client Care Manager, Canada


Sales Partner, Western USA Region

Quedell George

instamaster (4)e.jpg

Sales Partner, Taiwan Region

Jiang Lei

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